Ensure Cleanliness and Sanitation at Your Facility

CleanTraQ for web and mobile allows you to schedule, track and verify that all cleaning and sanitation-related tasks and activities are being completed as required. CleanTraQ can help you maintain a safe facility, while allowing you to verify and report adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements.



Mitigate liability with scheduled checks

Limit the risk of liability with an audit trail and historical reports that show the status of required and completed actions. Provides reporting and statistics with the ability to look at live data, current statuses, and extract information quickly.


Increase accountability & efficiency

Document sanitation tasks, possible contamination incidents, completed inspection rounds, and upload digital media with date/time stamps. Mobile integration and offline capabilities allow sanitation teams to efficiently perform and confirm specific tasks within an area have been completed. Ability to create custom fields that allow the user to document information specific to each task.


Sanitize high-contact areas

Ensure that high-contact, high risk, or high-traffic areas are being sanitized within specified time frames.


Scale to meet your needs

Quick and easy deployment of an end-to-end solution that can be scaled across multiple enterprise-wide locations to ensure the health and safety of your employees and visitors.

COVID Compliance

Adapting Your Business to the New “Normal”

Dynamic Forms. Streamlined Workflows.

When a company is advised of a COVID incident, the facility is expected to shut down and undergo appropriate cleaning and disinfection of touch points and other higher-risk areas within 24 hours.

CleanTraQ provides the opportunity for facility managers to improve cleaning operations and for cleaning teams to easily and efficiently complete sanitation rounds.


CleanTraQ for Facility Managers

  • Easy to use manager view
  • Configure checkpoints on the fly
  • Create dynamic forms and system forms – individual, grouped or enterprise-wide no matter where everyone is located
  • Build a checklist with all required fields to document what needs to be done – all cleaning tasks and their completion
  • Ability to check and audit
  • Assignment tracking
  • 360 Analytics dashboard for automatic charts review
  • Notifications on CleanTraQ rounds progress

CleanTraQ for Cleaning Teams

  • Document cleaning at each checkpoint via dynamic forms and photographs
  • Easily create, view, and modify routines within the Activity tab and via 360 Analytics
  • Pull and show work order information anytime, anywhere
  • Single platform showing all to-dos and missed assignments, if any
  • Easy verification of information entered into CleanTraQ

Closing the Gap Between Cleaning and Compliance

Compliance. Accountability.

With more strict sanitary requirements being imposed by regulators, businesses need to prepare for prickly inspectors. CleanTraQ helps firms to comply with all governing standards while mapping a safe and secure experience for customers.


Center for Disease Control
(CDC) – COVID-19 Guidance

  • Configures checkpoints for routine and scheduled cleaning with CleanTraQ
  • Document each cleaning checkpoint via CleanTraQ’s dynamic forms and photographs
  • Maintain and demonstrate ongoing sanitation with CleanTraQ Rounds
  • Access CleanTraQ Activity Tab and integrate 360 Analytics Statistics

Occupation, Safety, and Health Administration (OSHA) – COVID-19 Compliance

  • Demonstrate sanitation compliance using checkpoints
  • Create records of CleanTraQ Rounds by leveraging dynamic form checklists and photographs
  • Integrate Omnigo’s Report Exec Risk Management module to ensure compliance reporting
  • Retain training records and documents with Omnigo’s Training module
  • Evidence adherence to customer policy by documenting all sanitation efforts in CleanTraQ
  • Store records indefinitely and access them anytime

Build Training and Document All Required Reports

Documentation. Transparency.

CleanTraQ allows businesses to develop the proper training required for their employees and ensure that the training has been completed.


Examples of training reports include:

  • Positive COVID-19 Policies
  • Proper Hygiene
  • Proper PPE Usage